Using Ellie’s proven step by step easy to follow process, and her secret tips for making complicated looking art pieces easy, you’ll create this gorgeous piece you’ll be proud to show off!

Here's what's included.

  • Step by step instructional videos, and downloads to help you create this beautiful 18” x 24” Bas Relief piece, Bas Relief Embroidery.

  • Detailed information on how to prepare for your project.

  • Step by step instructional videos, and downloads to help you through each part of the process to guarantee success!

  • Secret techniques Ellie uses to create stunning details that look very complicated but are actually easy to do.

  • A complete list of tools and materials needed to create the project, some you probably already have!

Student Testimonials

I Learned So Much From Ellie!

Grace Douglas

"Before I took Ellie's class, the only relief technique I had done was simple raised stenciling. I learned so much from Ellie that I was able to complete my first large scale project just weeks after her class." This one project paid for my class many times over. She taught me about sculpting forms on the surface as well as making and applying molded forms. She is a patient and knowledgeable instructor and she gives you class notes that cover every single detail of the class project. Her techniques can be used with multiple mediums from concrete to wall plaster. I can't recommend this sweet lady enough and I hope to have opportunities to learn even more from her in the future.

So valuable!

by Michele Moleck

“One of the most valuable classes I have taken, Ellie is an amazing instructor!"

Boost your creative confidence, be inspired, and learn to craft stunning Bas-Reliefs today!

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Whether you are a hobbyist or professional artist, once you learn this beautiful art form, you’ll have so many choices for what to do with it!

*ARE YOU A FAUX FINISHER? Add it to your portfolio to impress your clients and give them a unique option for a stunning unique addition to residential or commercial spaces.

*ARE YOU A FINE ARTIST? Use Bas-Relief in both traditional and modern ways to create incredible art pieces with dimension, and movement that will captivate your collectors.

*ARE YOU A HOBBYIST? Use Bas-Relief to create something special for yourself, or to gift to others.

Meet Ellie!

I am a master decorative artisan in Bas Relief, and have been sharing this incredible art form with students all over the world for over 20 years.

Ellie Ellis

Ellie Ellis is a versatile and successful decorative artist. Her specialty is three-dimensional wall sculpting (Bas Relief). She has developed an innovative process for creating and duplicating design elements and blending them in with her unique style of hand-sculpted background components. A Certified Master Stencilist (CMS), Ellie is also trained in Trompe L'oeil, Pompeian and Parisian Fresco and a host of faux finishes and textures for plasters, concrete and wood. Ellie is a gifted teacher and presents her subject material in a concise and organized manner. Her students are hands on with her processes right from the beginning. It's easy to get caught up in putting together one of her creations and students often stay late in her live classes to work on their projects well after regular class hours are over. Ellie is generous with her time and information. Students complete her classes with new skills that will inspire them to explore their own ideas and create new products in a growing and marketable field.

Student Testimonials

Can't Recommend This Class Enough!

Glenda Ross-Mosely

I wanted to come on here and say how much I am enjoying Ellie's online monthly workshop classes. Life gets in the way sometimes but I really appreciate being able to do this at my pace and when I have the time to work on them. I have gotten behind and still trying to catch up, but everything is getting there. I love how detailed Ellie is in the written instructions as well on the videos, each step is segmented and time, so you can see where you are in the piece and easily go back and reference the video when needed. I also still watch the zooms meetings that are recorded, even though I haven't been able to be on many. They are great to watch and see possible problems and trouble shoot solutions. The other students have wonderful ideas and suggestions as well. Nice knowing ahead of time some of the issues I may have and what to do about them before I even begin the piece. I can't recommend this workshop enough, so many techniques and ideas. Been one of the best experiences in my art world.

I Can't Wait To Use My New Skills!

Anna Sadler

“I can't wait to use my new skills out in the real is a fascinating, addicting and beautiful medium and there are endless ways to incorporate this into my business. I would gladly take many more classes from you and I look forward to the next one. Anyone and everyone should consider this class as something incredible to learn..even if you think you could never carve and create something, you will be amazed at how easily Ellie walks you through the process, and the masterpiece you will create!”